5.625" or 5.750" Styled JD A

  • +0.125" or +0.250" Billet Aluminum Pistons
  • Compression ratios up to 10:1 available
  • Approximately 20HP boost over "M&W High Compression Pistons"
  • Any compression ratio possible
  • New Rings, Pins, and Clips
  • In Stock -- $1400

4.375" Unstyled JD B

  • +0.125" Forged 8:1 High Compression Forged Pistons
  • New Rings, Pins, Clips, and Bushings.
  • Makes over 20HP on pump gas
  • In Stock -- $575
  • Additional bore sizes available.


Whether you need 1 piston or 100 pistons, Extreme Tractor Parts can provide the pistons you need.  No attempt will be made to show ALL the pistons that can or have been made.  Below is a sampling of what's possible.

While most pistons are custom made to order, below are some that have been developed to work in specific engines.

6.090" JD 720/730 Piston

  • +.090" High Compression Billet Aluminum Piston
  • Designed for Everyday use
  • New Pins, Clips, Bushings, and Rings (not shown)
  • LP Pistons available
  • In Stock -- $1400