Extreme Tractor Parts (ETP) was created with the idea of making aftermarket blocks for the John Deere B tractor.  As time went on, it was obvious that you can’t just build one product.  Click on a link to the left of the page for some of the products available.

The mission at ETP is quite simply to be the best source for Antique Tractor pulling engine parts.  ETP is dedicated to bring the best in high performance engine parts for your tractor at an affordable price.

Extreme offers some of the biggest motors out there, especially for the John Deere’s, but not everyone wants the absolute biggest motor available.  For that reason, every tractor engine, budget, rules and classes are different.  There are no cookie cutter, one size fits all, recipes.  I’ll work with you to determine the best motor combination for your particular tractor. 

The bottom line is that you need to get the most Horsepower per dollar that you spend and you need to build the tractor to fit your class.

ETP isn’t just for pulling tractors, we’ve done engine components for antique cars, parade tractors, Hot Farm Pullers and boat engines.  If it’s got an engine, we can probably help.

E-mail any questions to —> sales@extremetractorparts.com