Helpful Hints

JD B Transmission jumps out of high Range.  Symptom will be that especially in 3rd gear, tractor stops moving, but gear shift DOES NOT MOVE.  If gear shift kicks out of gear, then the issue is usually with the detents, or with the gears themselves being rounded off.  Most likely problem is that the bearing (Item #12, is worn).  It’s easiest with the LH tire off, but not necessary.  The gear #3 will be on there pretty good.  You’ll need a puller of some sort.  Thre’s also a snap ring once you get the gear off.  Pull the shifter rails out the LH side (don’t let 4/6 fall on the floor).  Pull the whole shaft out, then remove the #13 from the inside and inspect the bearing.  It’s about $69 new from John Deere